School counselors are available to help students maximize their high school experience while being mindful of keeping students’ options open for life after high school. Counselors will work with students regarding course selection, graduation requirements, interpretation of test results, and career and post-secondary options. Questions pertaining to course selection, course changes, and any phase of high school scheduling should be directed to the school counselor. To help ensure student success and achievement, we encourage a team approach, consisting of the student, parent or guardian, teachers, and counselor. For consistency and continuity, counselors will follow students through their high school experience.

Ms. Smith works with students whose last names fall between A-H. Ms. White works with students whose last names fall between I-Z.

The Ellsworth High School Guidance Department is open each day from 7:30-3:30. If no one is available to answer your call, please feel free to leave a message or send an email. Your call or email will be returned as soon as possible.