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EHS 3D Arts!

The 3D Arts program provides a curriculum enabling the student
to experience traditional and contemporary techniques
in ceramics, glass, jewelry, metals and sculpture.
Welcome to this creative space!

Being creative is not always about the destination but the journey
I enjoy helping students learn in the creative process. When you take an art class, you learn that there is not one "right" answer and that there are many different perspectives when looking at art. The process of creating art can be a way to express yourself, relax from the daily pressures, learn something new and improve on the skills you already have.
It's hard to believe I've been teaching art for twenty years and....still love it!  Students never cease to inspire me.  My hope is that you will leave my class believing that learning about art enriches our lives, it's fun and is important to support the arts in their community.
About Me
I grew up in Lee, Maine, graduated from Lee Academy and started working during summers and college vacations in Northeast Harbor. I worked for a couple of artists there and had many different jobs to make ends meet. In 1995 I graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with a B.S. in Art Education with distinction. I have taught art in Hamden, Winterport, Newburgh, Orrington and Bucksport. During these years I began a small business of selling my art on cards and prints in stores in Maine and around the country.  Painting with watercolors is one of my favorite mediums but in the last five years, I have been drawn to ceramics and working with glass!  I have also worked for the Maine Department of Education through the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative for three years. This is where I first met Mrs. Westphal and Mrs. Wright. I am a member of Maine Art Education Association, National Art Honor Society, Art in the Heart ( 20 year member!), and have attended art teacher workshops at Haystack Mountain School Craft in Deer Isle for 15 years.   
Students have so many opportunities to be creative here. We have the tools and equipment that can help you make great things. We have a ceramic kiln, a glass kiln, four pottery wheels and two wet grinders for glass. We now have metalsmithing tools for "cold connections" such as hammers, files, dapping tools, saws.....this is all to help give students more voice and choice for learning about different art forms. Being expressive through the art medium is relaxing, fulfilling and fun! Happy to help support you in your creative endeavors!