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In 2006, I graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a major in Biology and Chemistry.  While at WVWC, I worked on various research projects.  One environmental research study looked at the mapping of fecal coli's resistance to antibiotics as a means to trace contamination of water.  I also worked on a molecular biology study that examined the effects of different enzymes on the program cell death of plants.

After graduating college in 2006, I moved to Maine and worked at the University of Maine at Orono's Upward Bound Program and at the Bangor International Airport as an Environmental Technician.  I started teaching in 2008 as a Middle School Science and Math teacher.  I began teaching science at Ellsworth High school in 2011.

I earned my Master's in Education focusing in Technology Integration from Walden University in 2011.  Currently, I am enrolled in an Certificate of Advanced Graduate Program for Educational Leadership from the University of New England.

Science is ever changing with new discoveries, applications, and explorations.  As we study science, we examine the past to learn how we have attained our current understanding and how to reach the future.  We explore science through hands-on learning and inquiry.  Our classroom is centered around small group discussions and working together to analyze the topic of study. 

In the upcoming school year, I will be teaching Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Biology, Human Biology, Principles of Chemistry, Practical Chemistry (Fall) and Biotechnology (Spring).  Please visit my website for all course materials.