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Bonjour! My name is Rebecca Svec and this is my seventeenth year of teaching French at EHS. Having grown up as the daughter of a foreign service officer, I had the opportunity to live all over the world , including in three French-speaking countries; Mali, Belgium, and France. In Paris I received my Masters in French Language and Civilization, and then moved to Maine. I honed my teaching skills at Bangor High where I worked with four other French teachers, and then have been at Ellsworth High ever since. I like to bring my unique perspective to the classroom. The fact that I learned French at such a young age and was bilingual makes the language second nature to me. I like to make my classroom active with plays, games,and music, along with the traditional grammar and composition work. Students learn concepts from me, and then practice with a partner every day. I have been aiming for proficiency with my students for twenty years, meaning I want them to be able to survive in French. My knowledge and passion for the language, and my ability to relate to teenagers makes my job a lot of fun.