Ellsworth High School

Community Service » Guidelines


To graduate from EHS, a student must have 60 hours of documented community service from a variety of organizations.  There is no set requirement as to the time frame for completing the hours.  However, the hours do not count until the first day of a student’s freshmen year.  All hours for a school year must be recorded by the last day of that particular school year.  Should a student come to the high school after their freshmen year, the following hours are required (no matter what time they enter EHS during the school year):
Sophomore - 50

Junior - 40

Senior - 20
Generally, service is performed for a non-profit making organization.  (Exceptions: hospitals and nursing homes)  Activities that do not count include times when a student receives academic credit through activities such as independent studies, internships, job shadowing, service through co-curricular activities (i.e.. Student Council officer), service through the judicial system, service for an individual (should be performed under the umbrella of an organization), and/or service through religious organizations.

Lastly, absences from school that are used in an attempt to complete community service hours will not be honored.  Students must complete their sixty hours of community service by involving themselves in at least three different and separate activities to earn their hours.