EHS Athletics

Ellsworth School Department

High School Co-Curricular Programs

The Ellsworth School Department Board believes that student co-curricular programs are an integral part of high school education and are used as a means of developing wholesome attitudes and good interpersonal relations as well as knowledge and skills.

Ellsworth High School Athletic Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Ellsworth High School Athletic Department is to provide athletic programs that help develop the whole child through education and competition, to stimulate a lasting attitude of discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership and social responsibility. To provide a rigorous athletic program which complements and supports a challenging academic program by teaching student-athletes to persevere, to work well with others, and to test themselves. The EHS Athletic Department strives to build competitive athletic programs that act as an enduring source of pride for the student population, student-athletes, alumni and members of the Ellsworth Community.

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